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Terms of Service


Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Excellence Auto Network will provide online vehicle marketing services to you, the paid customer, as described below;

1.  Services. Excellence Auto Network will advertise your vehicle (the “Vehicle”) on excellenceautonetwork.com (the “Site”), which will be connected to Excellence Auto Network network of websites and accessible on major search engines (the “Services”).

2.  Duration. The date of this Agreement will be the date on which your payment to Excellence Auto Network for the Services is authorized and received (the “Contract Date”). Excellence Auto Network will profile the Vehicle until the vehicle is sold following the Contract Date. Every reference to “day” or “days” in this Agreement is to calendar days.

3.  Advertising Fee. The fee for the Services will be $499.99 USD (the “Purchase Price”). Excellence Auto Network

4.  Guarantee. Excellence Auto Network offers no guarantee that the vehicle listed with our comapny will see during the listing period, however should the vehicle not sell within the listing period, a request to relist the vehicle can be made by contacting customer service. No additional charges are required for relisting the ad.

- You must send an email to support@excellenceautonetwork.com within 3 days of the contract date to complete the registrtion process by including the VIN number of the vehicle.

-You must have emailed to support@excellenceautonetwork.com at least 1 picture of your vehicle within 7 days of the contract date, if no pictures are received within this time frame a generic photo will be added in place.


5.  Itemization of Advertising Price. The Advertising price has been included in the enclosed receipt that you have received to your email. If you do not receive this, it is your responsibility to request a new copy.

6.  Statement of Payment. The Advertising Price is payable in full on the Contract Date by providing us with your credit card information either over the telephone or through the Site.

7.  Contact Us

Telephone: (877) 493-4776

Email: support@excellenceautonetwork.com

8. Consent. Your consent to this Agreement will be confirmed by you authorizing payment for the Services.

9. General Terms and Conditions. The General Terms and Conditions sent along with this Agreement apply to any use of the Site and are hereby incorporated into this Agreement.

10.  Cancellation. Excellence Auto Network allows cancellation of the listing up to 3 days from the contract date for a full refund of the advertising fee less a processing fee of $149.99.

11.  Sale of your vehicle. Once the vehicle is sold let us know by phone, email or fax, so that we can cease advertising of your vehicle.