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Reporting Fraudulant Activity and Scams

Fraudulant activity and car selling scams are rare on Excellence Auto Network because every member of our network pays for their extended campaign.

Regardless, there are some key tips to stay aware of when buying or selling a vehicle:

Ad title: 2007 Toyota Sienna for $14,000.00

    Tips for Sellers:

  1. Never let an interested party test drive the vehicle alone
  2. Trust your instincts if something seems fishy and tell the buyer no
  3. Write down the buyer's drivers license number before letting them test drive. Leave the number at your home
  4. Never provide anybody with your ACH or checking account information
  5. Make sure the buyer knows you are taking these steps to protect yourself

    Tips for Buyers:

  1. Never send payment through email money transfer or wire
  2. Never provide anybody with your ACH or checking account information
  3. Always perform your title transfer at a DMV or registrar, with your money order only handed over after both parties have signed the agreement
  4. Always ask for a recent Car FAX and to know the past ownership history of the vehicle
  5. Make sure the person showing you the vehicle is the owner - ask to compare their drivers license with the vehicle's registration
If anything seems fishy about a buyer or seller, report suspicious activity and verified car ad scams directly to your local police department. You never know who somebody you turn away may talk to next, and what might happen.

Excellence Auto Network is a source for buyers and sellers to connect, and encourages healthy and friendly sales practices. If you know an ad is a scam, or a buyer is not willing to meet with you in person, please report it to our customer service department.